Perennial Film Festival is founded by Ryan Sharp of Perennial Motion Pictures. The Festival was created to provide a quality venue for filmmakers to present quality works that are technically sound to the community. The mission of Perennial Film Festival is to provide filmmakers with a platform to connect, learn, and reach people with quality stories via the video and film craft. Our films not only entertain but encourage conversation. Perennial is proud to be an official fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project. We encourage donations to this and other worthy Veterans groups. During the festival, we honor American Veterans with a presentation of colors, veterans films, stories about service, and donations to Veterans organizations.

We do everything we can to help filmmakers improve their craft and promote the filmmakers in our festival. There are multiple ways we do this and fulfill our mission:

1) Unlike most festivals and as a thank you to filmmakers who submit their films to us, we provide an evaluation of every film as a courtesy. Our judges panel is made up of professionals who work in various parts of the business. Their evaluations give each filmmaker professional tips, tools, and advice they can use to improve their film and craft.

2) We have educational Q+A with filmmakers and a lot of audience feedback/interaction.

3) Multiple ways and opportunities to connect and build relationships with other filmmakers, movie fans, and friends in the community through round table discussions, promotions tables, dinner parties, conversations, and movie memorabilia giveaways.

Instructional films, documentaries, short shorts, shorts, features, and all types of films are accepted. However, films must not contain nudity, sexual content, glorified violence or foul language.

Festival Time & Place

The festival is held annually in beautiful Punta Gorda, FL. This area is right next to a waterfront park. There’s also beautiful restaurants, shops, waterfront activities, and downtown venues to check out.

More Details

Films are of various genres and have powerful stories to tell. They have been narrowed down from hundreds of films throughout the world by our staff of professional filmmakers. They are chosen because they are technically sound, thought-provoking, and powerfully entertaining. You will have a great time, learn about film, and meet some great people in the community. You will also get to vote on your favorite films in each category who will be awarded Sunday during the awards ceremony, and have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to our filmmakers.

Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase at the event.

Conduct Requirements

Attendees must be 15 and older. Attendees should be considerate and silence their cell phones or any other electronic device during screenings. No Pets will be allowed for any reason.

TICKETS: Click the blue “GET TICKETS” button at the top of the page.

Your Day Pass is good either Saturday or Sunday. Weekend Passes are good both days. So feel free to come and go as you please. Veterans can get discounted tickets by calling 727-798-1101.

Sponsorship &
Volunteer Opportunities

Perennial Film Festival greatly appreciates all volunteers, private donors, and sponsors.

If you would like to help, or inquire about a sponsorship, or for more information about the festival, please contact Festival Director, Ryan Sharp, at 727-798-1101.