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Open submission begins June, 1, 2019

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Awards & Prizes

Audience members can elect to fill out ballots with basic evaluations on each film they view and elect their favorites. These ballots are tallied and are used to help determine the winners for various categories.

Filmmakers receive the audience evaluations during the Awards Banquet to help them evaluate how their film is received by the public. They are also emailed awards logos and tags to use on their movie promotional items.

Rules & Terms

While we do not want to limit creativity, we believe it is perfectly reasonable to produce films that inspire and do not have nudity, sexual content, profanity, or glorified violence. We seek films that showcase a good understanding of the craft, have a well formulated script, and have a message.

Instructional films, documentaries, short shorts, shorts, features, and all types of films are accepted.

General Rules:

Due to our cost associated with the film evaluation service we provide and due also to the fact that our prices are already reasonable compared to other festivals, especially for students and seniors, we do not give waivers for any reason. Please see our guidelines for student films. Driver’s license or student IDs are required and you must be 17 or under to submit as a student. Film schools who wish to submit student films can get the student rate for each film and might receive further discounts and incentives if they become a paid sponsor of the event. Film school or camp directors are encouraged to contact us about sponsorship opportunities.

We believe that you are never too young or old to pursue your dreams, therefore, special rates are given to seniors over 70 and youth under 18.

Films must not contain nudity or sexual content.

Films should not include excessive profanity or violence unless being used in a war picture or to portray reality. Films that seem to needlessly use profanity or glorify violence will not be accepted.

This festival exists for the filmmaker. We do everything we can to promote those films and filmmakers who get selected by our festival. Those filmmakers are encouraged to attend the festival in order to help promote their film although attendance is not required.

As mentioned under Event Description, all submitted films will be evaluated by our team of professionals. You will be emailed a detailed evaluation that you can use to improve your film.

Films can be submitted by clicking the “Submit Now” button at the top of this page.

Upon acceptance of your film, a DVD or Blu-Ray Disc will be required for feature films (over 40 minutes) and/or usb flash drive for films under 40 minutes! Additional photos or posters can be mailed with Writer, Director, Cast, and Movie poster, and additional information if the submitter wants to better promote their film before, during, and after the festival. It is not necessary to send these materials until and if we have accepted your film.

Again, we try to do everything we can to help filmmakers improve their craft and promote the filmmakers in our festival. We have educational Q+As with filmmakers, a lot of audience feedback and interaction, movie memorabilia giveaways, and plenty of ways to connect.

Thank You for choosing Perennial Film Festival!